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    B7320 Blue Devil Calcium Hardness Test Kit
    Part Number: B7320

    Price:  $8.39
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    B7320 Calcium Hardness Test Kit by Blue Devil


    1. Rinse vial marked Hardness?Alkalinity and fill to line A with water to be tested.
    2. Add 2 drops of Hardness Solution A and swirl to mix. A violet color will develop if Hardness is present
    3. Add Hardness solution B in drops until color changes to a permanent blue.
    4. Calculation: Multiply the number of drops by 50 to determine the Hardness in parts per million (expressed as calcium carbonate).
      Example: 7 drops X 50 = 350 ppm Hardness.
    • Ideal Hardness is 200-400 ppm. If your water tests over or under this range, consult a pool store specialist for advice.

    Click on the images to order Calcium Hardness replacement Solutions
    Blue Devil Calcium Hardness Test Solution A B7028 Calcium Hardness Test Solution A by Blue Devil B7028 Blue Devil Calcium Hardness Test Solution B B7029 Calcium Hardness Test Solution B by Blue Devil B7029


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