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    9-0210-11 Del OzoneEclips 2 Pool Ozonator Installation Kit
    Part Number: 9-0210-11

    Price:  $258.30
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    9-0210-11 Eclips 2 Pool Ozonator Installation Kit by Del Ozone

    Only DEL Ozone makes and sells a pool ozone sanitation system that works effectively with a variable speed pump also. Other manufacturers ™ ozone systems will only work when the pump is running full speed so their ordinary injector valves can develop enough suction to pull the ozone.
      Now, with DEL ™s unique variable speed injector, your pool can receive ozone sanitation whenever the pump is running at any speed. This means you will have a more continuous supply of ozone to kill or neutralize the organic (and many inorganic) contaminants in your pool. This is a critical improvement because it allows you to minimize the chemicals you need to add, thereby keeping your pool water fresher, healthier, and less chemically toxic.

    Kit includes universal injector manifold (2"), flow-meter, ozone check valve, and 10' of ozone tubing. The universal injector manifold is designed to operate with both single-speed, and variable speed pumps.

    The 2" UNIVERSAL injector manifold for single/variable speed pumps is used with Del Ozone Ozonator Eclips 2


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