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    25597-200-000 CMP Adjustable Deck Jet Assembly
    Part Number: 25597-200-00

    Price:  $68.24
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    25597-200-000 Deck Jet Assembly by CMP


    • Only Deck Jet that can be adjusted at the nozzle while running!!

    Only use 3/4" pipe or 3/4" 90 elbow into the deck jet body (and make sure to use ABS to PVC glue).

    The nozzles are designed to adjust to get a desired look with a reasonable amount of water going to the Deck Jet (3 to 6 GPM).

    It is still necessary to use a valve in the line to control the amount of water going to the Deck Jet or Jets if multiple jets are used in a line.


    • 1. Determine the proper size of the main feed pipe:
      • Use 1 1/2" pipe for up to 8 Deck Jets
      • Use 2" pipe for up to 12 Deck Jets
      • Use 2-1/2" pipe for up to 16 Deck Jets
    • 2. Install a ball valve on the main feed pipe near the pump to adjust the total water pressure delivered to the Deck Jets.
    • 3. Reduce the piping to 3/4" pipe. When installing more than one Deck Jet it is necessary to create an equal pressure loop to equalize the pressure in the line.
    • 4. The body is designed to allow for 3/4" plumbing with straight pipe or an elbow. Use only PVC / ABS glue to secure the pipe to the body.
    • 5. Anchor the Deck Jet body and protective cover so that the top is level with the height of the finished deck.
    • 6. Remove the Cover, wrap the threaded Plug with Teflon tape, and install into the, Deck Jet body. Be sure not to over tighten. Replace the Cover. Leave the Plug installed and keep the pipe pressurized durringinstallation.
    • 7. Once the deck is finished, remove the protective label from the Cover, remove the Cover, and remove the Plug. Turn on the pump, open the valves, and run water through the lines to remove any debris that may have collected.
    • 8. Wrap the threads on the Jet Nozzle Base with Teflon tape and install in the body (tighten using the wrench provided until the Nozzle is fully seated in the body - do not overtighten).
    • 9. Adjust the position of the Nozzle and adjust any valves in the line to achieve the desired flow. To balance the flow, the Nozzle may be turned by hand or by using the wrench provided by inserting over the nozzle and turn to adjust the flow (clockwise for more flow, counter-clockwise for less). Do not overtighten nozzle when adjusting flow.
    • 10. If the stream is disrupted, remove the Jet Nozzle and check for debris.
    • 11. To winterize the Deck Jet, first remove the ?Jet Nozzle with the wrench. Next blow air through the lines, and install the Plug.
    Water specifications per each Jet.
    Gpm 3.0 5.0 7.0
    Feet of Head 3.9 7.9 11.9
    Height of Jet 3.0 5.0 7.0

    CMP Deck Jet Assembly

    CMP Deck Adjustable Jet Assembly 25597-200-000


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