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    9915-K A+B Fast Epoxy Paste 4 oz.
    Part Number: 9915-K

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    9915-K A+B Fast Epoxy Paste 4 oz.

    An easy-to-use, two part putty you simply mix and mold like clay - no complicated weighing or measuring required. Easy 1:1 cut-what-you-need mix ratio Form it into any shape. It hardens in one hour and makes a final, steel-hard cure in 2 - 3 hours. Cures under water.

    Provides a durable and permanent bond to:

    Brick Stone Glass Porcelain Tile Metal Copper Chrome Iron Wood Most PVC Fiberglass Concrete Ceramics Pottery Countless other materials

    Some Suggested Uses:

    • Repair all types of fiberglass cracks, holes and breaks
    • Insulating cable splices
    • Sculpture and Taxidermy and Carving
    • Furniture Repair
    • Repair cracked metal
    • Fill cracks or holes in decks and broken tiles -- cures under water
    • Fill cracks and holes in pool or spa and underwater plumbing, pumps and drains - no draining required
    • Repair breaks, cracks or leaks in all types of plumbing fixtures and ceramics - tubs, toilets, sinks, tiles, caulking
    • Seals leaks in gasoline tanks and air conditioner systems
    • Repair broken fillings on appliances
    • Porcelain doll repair
    • Preventive pipe wrap on key elbows where masonry or other materials will encapsulate piping

    Mixing and Handling:

    • Using A + B ® Epoxy Putty is amazingly easy, simply cut off equal parts of the A + B ® bars.
    • Knead and roll in your hands or on a clean working surface until the colors merge. Make sure there are no streaks.
    • Gloves are advisable for mixing and molding the putty products.
    • Make sure the application surface is free of gas, grease, oil, rust, dirt, or debris. Roughing or sanding the surface is recommended.
    • Mold the epoxy to the approximate shape of the repair and apply firmly, sealing and smoothing thoroughly and securely.
    • Rubbing water on the surface will yield a professionally looking smooth surface.
    • Let it harden and cure for the specified time: one hour hardening and 12 hour curing time for regular A + B ®, and five minute hardening with 2 to 3 hour curing time for Fast Epoxy Putty.
    • Clean all tools, reusable gloves, and hands, if necessary, with soap and warm water immediately after use.

    This product is discontinued!


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