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    132 Pool Tool Light Wedge
    Part Number: 132

    Price:  $16.80
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    132 Pool Tool Light Wedge


    Holds pool light in when niche tab is stripped or broken. Fits all lights. Keep one in your truck!

    • The Light Wedge is an inexpensive way to fix broken niche tab.
    • It’s easy to use and can be installed in less than five minutes!
    • Made with corrosion resistant polypropylene with a stainless steel screw.
    light wedge 132
    Normal Positioning of Light Wedge
    • Install light wedge as shown in Fig. 1 with rounded side of wedge on light.
    • Wrap cord around light and put light into niche in pool.
    • Make sure bottom of light is hooked into light niche.
    • Tighten stainless screw untill light is tight in niche.
    light wedge
    Alternate Positioning of Light Wedge
    If space between light and niche is too small for normal positioning of light wedge, as in Fig. 1, use alternate position by turning light wedge 90° as shown in Fig. 2. Tighten s/s screw in normal manner until light is secured in niche.
    light wedge

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