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    210-7800 Waterway Power Jet Gunite Straight Body Assembly
    Part Number: 210-7800

    Price:  $26.24
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    Power Jet Gunite Straight Body Assembly by Waterway 210-7800

    Power Gunite Straight Body Assembly
    1" Spigot Air x 1-1/2" Spigot Water

    Package includes:

    Waterway Power Jet Gunite Straight Body Assembly 210-7800

    Installation Instructions

    Steel Rebar

    1-1/2" Air
    2" Water


    Hang Power Gunite Jet Body with ties through preset holes onto rebar. Make sure that the front of the jet body sits back at least 3-1/2" from finished wall.
    Cut 2-1/2" PVC pipe(not included) so that it will extend 4" past finished wall. Then glue 2-1/2" PVC pipe into jet body.

    Estimated Length

    2-1/2" SCH40 PVC Pipe
    Glue 2-1/2" cap ontoend of Pipe for pressure test.
    After guniting, cone back a 7" diameter pocket 4" deep.


    Mark 1" PVC
    pipe flush with wall
    Before plastering, cut 2-1/2" diameter pipe back 2-1/2" from desired wall finish. Glue Plaster nich in. Plaster flush to front of plaster niche.
    Glue threaded retainer ring onto 1"pipe(not included) and thread into jet body. Mark 1" pipe flush with wall

    Retaining Ring

    2-1/2" Cap

    Make Cut Here

    Mark Line from step 6

    Wallfitting (215-6660)

    Retainer Ring

    Wrap teflon tape
    Unscrew 1" PVC Pipe from the body and cut 5" inward from the mark towards retainer ring, then glue wallfitting to 1" PVC pipe.
    Wrap teflon tape onto retainer ring and thread the 1 " PVC pipe back intothe body, making sure of a snugfit.

    Included Nozzle Sizes

    217-6610 1/4" Nozzle, 8GPM
    217-6600 3/8" Nozzle, 12GPM
    217-6620 1/2" Nozzle, 15GPM
    217-6630 5/8" Nozzle, 25GPM

    Install desired jet internal into wallfitting by pushing in and turning clockwise. Jets can be adjusted on by turning clockwise and off by turning counterclockwise. Jets do not shut off 100%

    Power Jet Gunite Straight Body Assembly made by Waterway 210-7800


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