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    FDXLIGN1930 Hayward FD Heater Hot Surface Ignitor
    Part Number: FDXLIGN1930

    Price:  $56.70
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    FDXLIGN1930 FD Heater Hot Surface Ignitor by Hayward

    Ignitor Replacement Procedure.
    FDXLIGN1930 for Universal H-Series (Forced-Draft) Heaters


    This kit. is intended to be used only with Hayward Universal H-Series (forced-draft) gas heater models. These heaters may be identified by inspection of the heater rating plate (there should be an "FD"' in the model number), or by visual inspection of the heater in comparison to the diagrams in these instructions.


    1. Turn pump, main gas valve, and heater power off.
    2. Loosen 4 screws on front access door and remove front access door.
    3. Remove screws and remove control box cover.
    4. Disconnect the ignitor plug from the large circuit board located inside the control box.
    5. Remove screw and move ignitor access cover to allow access to the ignitor. Note the cover remains connected to the ignitor wires.
    6. Remove 2 screws and remove the old ignitor from heater front combustion chamber panel.
    7. Separate the old black plastic strain relief from the ignitor access cover by compressing the tabs using a pair of pliers.
    8. Istall new ignitor to heater front combustion chamber panel with 2 screws.
    9. Route new ignitor wires through hole in ignitor access cover and install ignitor access cover ln heater with 1 screw. Note the tab in the back of the ignitor access cover must go into the slot ln the heater.
    10. Snap the new plastic strain relief over the ignitor wires immediately above the hole in the ignitor access cover.
    11. Once the new plastic strain relief is snapped onto the ignitor wires, press it into the hole In the ignitor access cover. Minimize the slack in the ignitor wires by
      refulty pulling excess slack up through the strain relief.
    12. Route the ignitor wires through the heater and into the control box. Plug the end of the ignitor wires into the large circuit board to the connector labeled "lGNlTOR". Ensure the ignitor wires are routed such that they do not come in contact with moving parts on the blower.
    13. Re-install control box cover and heater front access door.
    14. Turn on pump, main gas valve, and heater powei: and activate heater to test the new ignitor.

    Hayward FD Heater Hot Surface Ignitor FDXLIGN1930 Installation

    Hot surace ignitors are fragile. Handle with care.

    Disconnect electrical power from heater before servicing. Failure to disconnect power may result in injury or death



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