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    SK132 Bio-Dex Skill-It 32oz. Fast Acting Pool Algaecide
    Part Number: SK132

    Price:  $20.99
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    SK132 Skill-It 32oz. Fast Acting Swimming Pool Algaecide by Bio-Dex

    Fast acting super effective algaecide that removes even the toughest Black algae. Eliminates all colors and types quickly. No pH Adjustment required. Contains no heavy metals.

    • An Arizona #1 Best Seller EPA Registered Algaecide 100 % Guaranteed to Work when used as directed.
    • Hard working at eliminating even the most resistant types of algae including black, yellow & green. Must follow with chlorine for complete sanitation of dead algae.
    • Concentrated for superior results: 5 oz per 10,000 gallons or 15 oz per 20,000 gallons for breakout treatment
    • Skill-It Swimming Pool Algaecide helps keep bees and wasps away
    • Non-Metallic & Non-Staining
    • Skill-It Swimming Pool Algaecide is user friendly
    • Eliminates all colors and types quickly.
    • No PH Adjustment required.
    • Skill-It Swimming Pool Algaecide contains no heavy metals.
    • Use only 5 oz of Skill-It per 10,000 gallons needed for breakout treatment.

    Order Pack of 2 or Pack of 4  width= and save on shipping!!!


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